Moon Phases

Amplify Moon Insights with Zodiac Energy

Want to Grow Your Business Effortlessly?

Consider harnessing the ease and flow of the moon phases as you build your business.
Balancing this natural energy will make launching and growing your business effortless -if you leverage it correctly.

 🌓 Why Is Moon Energy So Special? 🌗

For Hundreds of years,

tradition and folklore have declared each Moon phase is good for performing certain activities.

According to markings found by archaeologists, humankind has been paying attention to the new and full moons for long is 25,000 years. Especially vital during the advent of creating organized agriculture. When we converted from hunter gatherers to building communities, our ancestors realized they needed to work with the changing seasons. 

It makes sense that we should too.

Manage Your Energy with the Moon

The moon energy is broken up into 4 major and minor cycles:

  • Major moon cycles unfold strong actions to be taken throughout the month
  • Minor cycles reveal the being essence that complements the actions.

Leveraging both major and minor phases helps to prevent burnout and promotes momentum.

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