Symbolic Language


Ancient, Symbolic Language

Sigils are a magickal tool to help focus energy 

As an ancient tool, Sigils are designed with a job to do. They are a visual representation imbued with a singular intention.
Think of them as a WIFI boost to your intention. 

Wield the power of the chaos energy with a custom sigil.

Protection Sigil

Protection Sigil

Protection Sigil – May the magick of this Dragon-inspired sigil protect you with this visual talisman.

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Why Get a Custom Sigil?

While sigils are designed with a job to do, they work perfectly as a beacon —a logo — for your business or products.

The logo —like any sigil— can be a symbol of desire that the business or product intends to represent. 

Let’s work together to create a personal, custom sigil for you.

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