Productivity - Tarot/Oracle

Energy Element Oracle Cards

Business Edition



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Cast, Conjure, & Manifest

Business Element Oracle Cards

Focus & Guide Your Daily Strategy

Cast, Conjure, & Manifest with energy oracle cards designed specifically for your business

Why You’ll Love Your New Business Element Oracle Cards
Each energy is grounded in a specific aspect of your business:

♣︎ Aether = Space/Spirit/Purpose
♣︎ Earth – Pentacles = Resources/Tools/Revenue
♣︎ Air – Swords = Strategy/Marketing/Communications
♣︎ Water – Cups = Relationships Customers/Partners/Self
♣︎ Fire – Wands = Courage/Creative/ Forging Products + Services

Multiple uses:

Daily energy card
Mini Read
Energy Amplifier

WHAT YOU GET: 5 Business Energy Cards – Aether, Air, Earth, Water, Fire

✔︎ 5 Oracle/Tarot Spreadsheets included