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Energy Element Oracle Cards

Personal / Business / Career

Do you crave easy-to-understand guidance
to navigate the ups and downs of your business journey?

Focus & Guide Your Daily Strategy

Cast, Conjure, & Manifest

with Element Energy Oracle Cards

Empowering you to take your personal or professional life to new heights, gain confidence to pursue opportunities, and remain resilient in the face of challenges.

Just like the phoenix rises from the ashes, the Element Energy Oracle cards will help you rise above any obstacle.

70 Cards + Guidebook


Are you seeking a tool to connect with your intuition and make strategic decisions with confidence?

The business Energy Elements Oracle Cards

Are designed to be your gentle and positive guide, offering messages that resonate with your unique energy.
Whether you’re feeling stuck or simply seeking daily inspiration, these cards will help you:

Gain Clarity

On your business goals and path forward.


Make Empowered Decisions

Aligned with your intuition.


Identify & Overcome Challenges

With greater ease.

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

For sustainable growth and success.

Why You’ll Love Your New Business Element Oracle Cards

Each energy is grounded in a specific aspect of your business:

♣︎ Aether = Space/Spirit/Purpose
♣︎ Earth – Pentacles = Resources/Tools/Revenue
♣︎ Air – Swords = Strategy/Marketing/Communications
♣︎ Water – Cups = Relationships Customers/Partners/Self
♣︎ Fire – Wands = Courage/Creative/ Forging Products + Services

Multiple uses:

Daily energy card
Mini Read
Energy Amplifier

WHAT YOU GET: 70 Cards + Guidebook

14 Business Energy Cards in each element: Aether, Air, Earth, Water, Fire

✔︎ 5 Oracle/Tarot Spreadsheets included

Isn’t it time to connect with your intuition and make strategic decisions with confidence?

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