Metaphysics and Your Business: Working with Energy

Want to work with energy in your business?

Session 1 Working With Energy

Free mini-series: Metaphysics + Your Business – where we discuss how spirituality and your business merge.

Think of it as the crossroads of Mundane and Magickal.

Kai Bertrand, a Hawaiian Kahuna —a shaman— and I will share how you can blend both metaphysics and your business to reinforce, protect, and project your business efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • The differences between negative and positive Energy
  • To discern and increase your awareness of Energy
  • To develop a sensitivity to Energy
  • How to play and experiment with Energy, and
  • The significance and consequences of using Energy

Overall, it’s about efficiently working with energy as a resource to sustainably grow your business.

About Kai Bertrand, Hawaiian Kahuna (Shaman)

Kai is an energy healer, author, teacher, speaker, and mentor. Her specialty is removing negative energy from people, places, and things. For more info, check out Kai’s website:

Enjoy the conversation!

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Stay Magickal!

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About Me

Lisa Stewart

Intuitive, Medium, Mystic Mentor

As a lifelong intuitive, Lisa always had one foot on another dimensional plane.

At a very young age, Lisa had an invisible friend coupled with the ability to see ghosts and read energy intentions. Since she was young, she's had a personal connection with animals and pets. 

Today, she uses those intuitive gifts to guide her and others to reconnect with their personal magick.

If you want to join Lisa on her journey, stick around to listen, watch, and engage with her on various platforms. She'd love to meet you!

Lastly, Lisa offers intuitive business and marketing guidance, website design, and digital calendar planners, and tarot readings to help mystics share their gifts with the world and grow their confidence and their income.