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Evidential Mediumship

Readings are scheduled for 45 minutes.
The cost of a session is $125.

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Note: Please allow 24-hour notice. I don’t do rush jobs as queries can be emotionally charged.

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Readings are scheduled by Zoom and recording is optional.

Thanks for your understanding. 

We’re spirits living a human existence.

While we’re hanging out on planet earth for a short time, I’ve discovered that we’re never alone. Our family, friends, and even pets may have passed over to the other side, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk with them!

As a lifelong intuitive psychic, I’ve had countless experiences interacting with the spirit world. I had an invisible friend when I was 5 —he might’ve just been a sasquatch spirit— who accompanied me everywhere! Since then, I’ve learned to astral teleport, channel, and share messages from my late bossy mother-in-law.

Additionally, I channel my spirit guides, angels, cats, and can call back my spirit pets back from the spirit realm.

Today, I want to help provide healing messages to you from the spirit world.

If you want to hear from a loved one and reconnect, I would love to help you.



Thank you for such a beautiful gift this morning Lisa, I am so grateful and honored! And so joyous for the messages and people who came through. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Caitlin L.

We’re never alone -we can still talk to our family, friends, & pets!

How We Can Work Together

Our 45-minute Zoom conversation will include calling in family, friends, or ancestors from whom you need to hear who will provide healing messages. Note, I cannot promise that you’ll hear from any specific person because they may be off doing a job in the spirit world.

Yes, our loved ones have lives on the other side!

I want you to know that I’m an idealist who maintains accountability, integrity, and sensitivity to every interaction.

I promise you that my mediumship session will include undeniable evidential messages —meaningful evidence only you would know.


What is your intuition telling you?

What to Expect in a Reading

Those in spirit know the kind of evidence I hope to hear from them, and they know that my main goal is to correctly capture their essence so that you have no doubt they are present. 

I abide by the ‘Do no harm’ mantra.

You can be assured that I won’t discuss divorce, debt, death, or disease. 

I am not a doctor or a medical medium. I also won’t forecast the future.


Evidence is any information I pass on from those in the spirit world that I as the medium could not know about that spirit. They have to show it to me, tell it, or allow me to feel it. 

Often you as the sitter has to validate it. Sometimes you can’t validate it, and you have to wait and have somebody else validate it. But it’s that kind of information that pertains specifically to that spirit. 


A message is what they come to tell us, but we may not be able to validate it and there may not be any evidence in it.


This reading is only for those who have arranged in advance to sit with me.

Please do not have anyone in the room with you such as a friend, parents, or partner UNLESS WE HAVE AGREED TO THIS IN ADVANCE.

Unexpected participants affect and influence the energy between all of us -and those across the veil.

If you have a friend to come sit with you, or you have the door open and somebody walks by, spirits like to hijack conversations. Meaning, if the spirit world sees a friend walk by the door, they’re gonna want to talk to them rather than pay attention to you.  

Our loved ones have lives on the other side!

Setting Your Expectations as a Sitter

Be open to hearing anything and everything that comes thru.

Resist the urge to orchestrate the conversation. This will thwart any opportunity for a meaningful connection. 

Please do not let the outcome of the reading depend upon hearing “the one thing” that will convince you that your loved one is present. It may not be possible for them to get certain details through.

Like “Where did you hide the insurance papers?” 

Trust me that they will do their best to let you know they are with you, but expectations about specific things they can get through may be unrealistic and leave you disappointed. 

My Role as Medium

The connection is much better when the medium remains in a passive, receptive mode, passing along whatever information and messages those on the other side are able to get through. Every thought, every image, every feeling has a distinct frequency. Like a radio station, a medium is able to tune in to certain frequencies better than others. Those on the other side will get through everything they are able to.

I can call back my spirit pets back from the spirit realm.

Training & Qualifications

Life-long 3rd generation intuitive psychic and medium.

My intuitive tools include: clairvoyance (to see), clairsentience (to feel), clairaudience (to hear), clairalience (to smell), clairgustance (to taste), clairempathy (to feel other’s energy).


Tested at the Rhine Research Center as one of the most sensitive psychics.

Studied mediumship under Suzanne Giesemann.

Currently studying shamanism.

My Promise

If I cannot create a connection with the spirit world to bring you healing and peace, we can mutually agree to tap out and try again at a different time.

Please note that my failure to connect will be in no way your fault.

Such an exquisite offering Lisa has shared, totally resonated and on point. What a profound gift to see so deeply! Thank you for your loving and divine Presence and sharing your magical gifts with this community. So blessed and grateful, beautiful light! ❤️

Caitlin L.

Great Reading! I was able to get some messages that resonated with me. I did get a confirmation I’ve been wanting for a long time. I appreciated my reading and would recommend to others who are open and willing to experience what Lisa has to offer!
Asha G

Lisa was a joy to talk to. Insightful and wise. Heartily recommend her services.


Ready to Receive Loving Messages?

“Thank you for such a beautiful gift this morning Lisa, I am so grateful and honored! And so joyous for the messages and people who came through. Thank you for sharing your gift.” -Caitlin L

Intuition is that quiet gentle voice that hints to take the next right step.

Reconnect with your loved ones with an open mind and open heart. 

Merry Meet!

I’m Lisa Stewart

Creative Mixed Medium

As a lifelong intuitive, Lisa always had one foot on another dimensional plane.

At a very young age, Lisa had an invisible fae friend. Her gifts include the ability to see ghosts, goblins, spirits, and read energy intentions. Since she was young, she’s had a personal connection with animals and pets.

Today, she uses those intuitive gifts to guide her and others to reconnect with their personal magick.

Personal magick connects imagination and intuition to become a conscious creator. Consciously co-creating with spirit to tap into your purpose and your genius to create the life you want.

If you want to move from fear, uncertainty, and doubt into courage, confidence, and trust in yourself, consider a private reading.