Manifest Your Dreams:

Harness the Power of the 8 Phases of the Moon

Do you want to learn how…

to connect with the energetic stream of the moon to manifest your business goals?

Do you feel like some activities during your business days move slow as sludge…

while other days seem to flow easy as a current in a river?

There might be a valid reason for that.

The secret is utilizing the ease and flow of moon energy —maximizing yin/yang energy balance to structure productivity. Connecting with the energetic stream of moon energy also helps to block potential burnout -giving you space and room to create.

Today, Lisa is going to share step-by-step how to manifest using all 8 phases of the moon. Perfect for business owners who want to plan an event or launch a product.

What You’re Saying

Lisa’s group here is powerful and affordable.

Susanah M.

Lisa really helped to get me unstuck by providing experienced and practical feedback meeting each participant where they are and what they needed at the present moment. Everyone walked away with i nuggets of gold that can easily be implemented right away. Thank you!!


I so appreciate the opportunity to drop in and received such valuable information.


Lisa brought expert knowledge, wisdom and unwavering support to all the folks in their Launch/Grow your Intuitive Business group. I would definitely recommend!


I think some of the common things were a great start, and some of the info on brand/marking was really helpful.


The nuts and bolts creative straightforward tips and guidance.


Experienced background of the mentors in varied fields related to business and specifically intuitive (woo woo) businesses.


I just enjoyed the advice and time you spent specifically on each person, totally priceless. I’m glad I got my friend Emery in here to hear you two and the depth of experience and wisdom you had to share.


About Me

Lisa Stewart

Intuitive Brand Strategist

Join Lisa Stewart, an Intuitive Brand Strategist who has over 30 years of experience as a creative entrepreneur helping Fortune 100 companies to small businesses build their brand and emotionally connect with their customers. In her career, she has also created and sold multiple lines of her calligraphic illustrations, licensed artwork through major manufacturers, sold her own line of custom handcrafted leather goods to customers around the world, and operated her own brick-and-mortar. 

Lisa uses this experience to offer intuitive business and marketing guidance, workshops, website design, business systems and digital calendar planners, oracle cards, intuitive readings, and business community to help mystics share their gifts with the world and grow their confidence and their income.

If you want to join Lisa on her journey, stick around to listen, watch, and engage with her on various platforms. She'd love to meet you!