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Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the ‘now’ the primary focus of your life.”―Eckhart Tolle


“Reclaim your connection through mind / body alignment.”

Useful for all belief systems.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Suddenly triggered by an innocent conversation?
I recently discovered an incredible science-based technique thru a program I was taking. This technique helps to recalibrate both hemispheres of the brain and neutralize the primal aspect of our brain.
Neutralizing supports our decision-making on a rational level – NOT one based on fear.
Colette Baron-Reid | 5 Day Oracle Challenge
Each challenge begins with grounding. Grounding helps to get centered and stabilize your energy. Stabilizing aligns and increases your ability to connect with and control energy from outside sources.


“Realign Your Brain.”

Trace a figure 8 around my eyes several times (until I yawn).
Helps to recalibrate both hemispheres of the brain and neutralize the primal aspect of our brain.
Recalibrating assists in rational decision-making. This way I can make a decision NOT based on fear.
I do this the moment I wake and several times throughout the day.
If I’m aware when something triggers me (like the word exercise vs working out) then I can neutralize it immediately.
It works wonders.

Perfect for a witch who favors air energy. Use this as a prompt to connect with the energies and magical power from the earth around you. 


“Full body Reconnection.”

When children or adults are under stress, certain parts of their brains become less active.” —Dr Paul Dennison, Brain Gym

The mind-body connection is vital to the human condition. Movement is the door to stress-free learning and energy management.

Full figure-8 body movement promotes relaxation, focus, and learning. It also controls impulses while strengthening the neural connections throughout the brain.

When people suffer stress, learning difficulties, dyslexia, and ADHD, it’s because their brain hemispheres aren’t balanced.

Select exercises help coordinate the right and left sides of the brain. As does rubbing specific energy points to reopen energy flow.

Figure 8 movements recalibrate the entire body.






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