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Moon Phases

Digital + Printable!

– These are instant digital download PDFs that you can use right away! 
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-Apple & Android users please check your device has a note-taking app that supports hyperlinked PDF to work correctly before purchasing thank you.
-All digital files may only be used for personal use.
-You may use in your professional tarot readings.
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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Read, Record, & Retain

Moon Phase


iPad + Goodnotes

Have you ever wanted to read, record, and retain your tarot readings digitally?

Now you can!

Why You’ll Love the Moon Phase Spreads
You can include photos of your favorite tarot deck with your reading!
You can export the page and send to your client.
Unlimited usage.

Moon Phase Spread Sheets includes:
♦️ New Moon
♦️ First Quarter Moon
♦️ Full Moon
♦️ Last Quarter Moon

Also included:
✔︎ Question prompts for all spread
✔︎ Quick reference for major and minor arcana (+Number references)
✔︎ Corresponding element signs
✔︎ Stickers

This design takes full advantage of the digital experience. The pages are designed with generous space to attach the photos of your cards, write your observations and affirmations.


Digital files may be used for personal use.
May not be Redistributed, Resold, or Altered for Commercial Use.