Brand Your Magick™ Series Workshop (Part 2)

How to Introduce Your Business

When You’re Just Starting

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody understands why they should work with you or why they should buy your product.

How to Introduce Your Business When You're Just Starting

Top Rated Workshop in Seattle SBA

Attract, Resonate, & Emotionally Connect with Your Audience

Move from feeling invisible to being seen and changing lives with your gifts.

Brand Your Magick Series Workshop

Do you struggle to introduce what you do to potential customers?

How to Introduce Your Business When You’re Just Starting is the only 4-hour crash course that will help you attract, resonate, and connect with customers to build your magickal empire.

Join me and in an afternoon I’ll help you…

  • Create a resilient magickal brand message to weather storms —let it be economic, seasonal, or errant owls 🦉 — so that you’re always transforming lives and making money
  • Grow your business with confidence and a plan to get repeat business.
  • Get coaching and feedback during this live workshop from Lisa to know you’re doing it right

Save your place below, show up for the 4 hour Workshop and get what you need to confidently establish, build, & grow your business with confidence

What We’ll Cover

1. Two critical keys needed to help you gain momentum and forward motion to building a successful magickal business.

2. Simple, easy steps to design a message blueprint —a repeatable process — for your business and future products.

3. Create your business origin story —a critical step to ensure success (a step missed by most businesses)

4. How to set your intention with a clear vision and mission to attract customers whose values align with yours.

5. Construct a relevant message that resonates with your customers

6. Construct a clear offer that keeps their attention (vital in this attention-deficit world)

7. Make an emotional connection using 3 secret ingredients

8. Become memorable so your customers will want to share your message.

What You’ll Get

1. A step-by-step 10-page workbook you can use to validate your progress and reuse for future products.

2. Create story selling strategies that capture the most value of your products
HINT: It’s not usually what you think.

Introduce Your Business Workbook


2023 Business Planner System

BONUS 1: Digital 2023 Business Planner System with integrated moon phase planner and tarot spreads. Value $77

BONUS 2: How to Introduce Yourself When You Don’t Know What to Say Workshop Replay. Value $33

BONUS 3: Live coaching with Lisa to ensure your message is correct. Value $125

Value $235


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This was the best workshop yet! ~Rekko

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This was the best workshop yet! ~Rekko

What You’re Saying

Lisa’s sense of marketing is unparalleled for product brand awareness. She consistently delivered comprehensive assessments and exceptional directives & actions for moving our business forward. She has unearthed our company strengths and strategically position us for success. Her savvy insight and imaginative solutions have layed the groundwork for our business and I’m excited see what’s next!

Ann Cowperthwaite

Designer, Eidolon Designs

Today I took Lisa Stewart’s course and it blew my socks off. I have attended so many brand/marketing/position your business types of workshops… This was the first (and only) time that I thought “Shit, I want to do this again!”. I’m very interested in seeing what else I can learn from Lisa!!

Rachel Barnett

Owner, GentleFrog Bookkeeping

This course is very dense but valuable! It forced me to identify the various details about my service and clients so that I can talk confidently about it! Lisa was extremely organized, on tract, and kept things easy.


I found the way Lisa pull out ideas to develop my target very helpful.

Kim K.

The course is so valuable with all the questions in a well-structured format. I was a bit shocked to learn that my customers have objections and identifying in a popcorn style really helped.

Jessica F

Risk-Free Guarantee

Try It Risk Free!

Our program is committed to your success and we expect the same commitment from you. If you enroll in How to Introduce Your Business When You’re Just Starting, do the assigned work and don’t get value, we will happily provide a 100% refund within 14 days.


What You’re Saying

Lisa and I collaborated on my product brand to access more opportunities and emotionally connect with my customers. We outlined my ideal audience and streamlined my product line to reach the right customer. I’m thrilled with the result. If you are looking for support for your business, I would recommend that you seriously consider this course.

Luke Lukey

Restaurant Stage Manager, TakenBarstools

My confidence level started at a 2 before the course and now it’s an 8! This was a very helpful course. Thank you, Lisa! Tough yet thorough! This was definitely worth my time and cost. 

Clarissa B.

After I talked with Lisa, I feel re-energized, focused, more confident, and I’m leaping into action. She confirmed which of my ideas are good/better and came up with new ideas/strategies for me to pursue. Yay!!!

Laureli Shimayo

ThriveTypes & MEWE Fairs

Terrific course! Tough yet thorough. Thank you, Lisa! 

Thao M.

Lisa is SO accessible. Her biz experience informs her content. She is relaxed and eager to help participants get the info needed to be successful.

Susy Parker Goins

Blue Lightning Healing

Course FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will there be a recording of the workshop?

Yes! All registrants will have access to a recording for two full weeks afterward. You will receive an email to the address you used during registration. That email will arrive within 48 hours of completion.

What does the VIP Website Review Include?

As a VIP attendee, you receive the additional benefit of having your website reviewed by Lisa. You’ll receive a detailed video review within three weeks of the workshop, all based on what you worked on together.

Do I have to have business experience to learn?

Here’s the funny thing, I don’t discount anyone’s background from becoming an entrepreneur and learning how to share your story

Everyone started where you are. Simply, if you’ve ever been paid money for an object -you’re in the process of having business experience. 

I started my first product line when I was just 7 years old! This sparked my story and since, has changed and evolved over time to reach the right audience. You can do this same!

What if I don't have a product or service?

That’s okay if you don’t have a full-fledged product yet. You’re actually in a better position not having a product because ‘just having an idea‘ is a better place to start so that you can design without personal bias. Instant win!

What if I already have a product or two?

If you’re having challenges around why you aren’t making the most money with your current product(s), this course might be for you. There could be a number of subtle tweaks that you could make throughout this course that would permanently fuse your connection with your customer.

Do I need a website for my product?

In many cases yes, you do need a website. But it doesn’t have to be complex. We’ll cover if and when you need a website and what kind of in the course so that we keep your objective simple and manageable.

What if I'm not tech savvy?

I understand that tech can be overwhelming and rest assured, I’m here to provide translations between geeks and newbies.

Meanwhile, I have compiled a list of tech resources that will benefit your business that we’ll go through step-by-step to help support you in all the areas you need to launch your product. No more, no less.

What if I have more questions about the program?

I would love to chat with you to address any concerns and questions you might have about this workshop.

Have More Questions?

Please call me 206.892.8327

About Me

Lisa Stewart

Intuitive Business Guide

Lisa has over 30 years of experience as a creative entrepreneur helping Fortune 100 companies to small businesses build their brand and emotionally connect with their customers.

In her career, she has also created and sold multiple lines of her calligraphic illustrations, licensed artwork through major manufacturers, sold her own line of custom handcrafted leather goods to customers around the world, operated her own brick and mortar, and authored several articles in industry publications.

Lisa will provide real-world experience to show you how to define your story, attract the right audience, and resonate with the customers to grow your business.