Cast, Conjure, & Manifest with energy oracle cards designed specifically for your business

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Business Element Oracle Cards

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Energy element oracle cards v 2.0 -for your business, career, even personal!

Yes, these oracle cards have had an upgrade to the features showcased on each card.

First, the energy elements such as earth, air, fire, and water have adopted my hallmark approach to calligraphic illustration.

Plus! I felt that one energetic element was missing!
Gasp! It was Spirit! Spirit is now represented by Aether.
Aether also represents space and purpose.

Each energy is grounded in a specific aspect of your business:

♦︎ Earth – Pentacles = Resources/Tools/Revenue
♠︎ Air – Swords = Strategy/Marketing/Communications
♥︎ Water – Cups = Customer + Partner Relationships
♣︎ Fire – Wands = Courage/Forging Products + Services
★ Aether = Spirit, Space, + Purpose


If you’ve been following along with my videos this year where I share how to leverage specific new and full moon energy in your business, you’ll notice the corresponding elemental aspects.

Today, I’ve co-created with spirit five oracle cards to help you manifest your business goals. These cards will help you focus and guide your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly strategy.

What’s more, there are multiple uses for the energy element oracle cards:

  • Daily energy card pull
  • A Mini Read
  • Energy Amplifier for multiple tarot card spread
  • and more!

When the cards first debuted at my first psychic fair in Seattle in May, they were a hit!

My customers received mini-readings beginning with the energy to help them focus and then a corresponding suit card to help guide them further.

Today, I’m delighted to share the mini oracle set with you. Originally designed for career and business, you can still use them for personal readings.

If this sounds like something you’d like to include in your readings, the business energy element oracle cards are available for pre-order here

Thanks so much for reading and considering. 

Stay magickal!