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Aries Full Moon

Oracle & Tarot Spread for Business

Want to work with Aries Zodiac energy in your business?

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New Moon Cancer Oracle Tarot Spread Questions


Element: Fire

Mother Spirit

Planet: Mars

Tarot Card: Emperor,Fool

Action, Adventure, Empowerment

During this full moon in Aries, you might explode with energy and action. There’s a reason for that.

Typically, new moons are about dreaming and conjuring —and in the business context— they’re about creating new products or services into being. 

So, what inspired action are you conjuring this full moon? You could consider creating a new service for your clients.

Use the 5 card spread questions to get insight for your next idea.

✨Establish the energy (Fire Energy Oracle Card)
✨Where am I feeling stagnant in my business? (Tarot Card)
✨Where can I take risks in my business? (Tarot Card)
✨Where am I feeling disempowered in my business? (Tarot Card)
✨What excess energy can I release this full moon? (Tarot Card)

I hope you get some value from this spread!

Stay magickal!

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