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Is the Foundation to Assist You Wherever You Are In Your Journey

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Reconnect with your personal magick to grow your confidence and your income.

Merry Meet!

I’m Lisa Stewart

Intuitive Business Guide

I’ve always tapped my intuition to guide my life and my business. 

As a lifelong intuitive and have over 30 years of business experience, I’ve built several hundred products over the years and sold them around the world — I did this co-creating with spirit. 

Today, my vision is to create a movement to help people find the courage to CoCreate their magick to build their dreams. 

Because I believe everyone is worthy.

And I believe everyone has the right to self-expression and explore imagination.

The next exciting step in self expression and imagination is become a conscious creator. Consciously co-creating with spirit to tap into your purpose and your genius to create the life you want. 

CoCreate Magick will be the foundation to assist you wherever you are in your journey. 

Whether it’s creating a personal project or reinventing your life. Perhaps you want to take it a step further and grow your income to build a business.

If you want to move from fear, uncertainty, and doubt into courage, confidence, and trust in yourself, I would love you to join me.

Would You Like Intuitive Direction for Your Business?

Lisa's Business Services

Lisa has over 30 years of experience as a creative entrepreneur helping Fortune 100 companies to small businesses build their brand and emotionally connect with their customers.


A magnetic brand identity that attracts your ideal clients and makes sales easier -no joke! 



Captivate your audience with a spellbinding atmosphere that embodies your magic.


Develop a strategic marketing plan to amplify your message and reach.


Bring your mystical product ideas to life with strategic planning and execution.


Build a user-friendly website that converts visitors into customers.


Create a content calendar that engages your audience and builds trust.

Grow Your Confidence, Grow Your Income

Website Examples

Get a Gorgeous, Mobile Friendly Web Site to Showcase Your Services

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Work with Lisa to Build Your Website

Consulting & Coaching

Get Breakthrough Results with Laser Coaching Designed for You

♠︎ Vision Strategy

Reconnect your business vision to your North Star.

♥︎ Connect Strategy

Start feeling confident about who your customer is to emotionally connect.

♣︎ Conjure Strategy

Courageously explore new product/service ideas to match your values.

♦︎ Create Strategy

Bravely innovate one solid line of income.

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